Body of work

metal framework

Blackwater Institute finally replaced its last two-way mirrors with closed circuit cameras, removing the distraction of massive dark windows in the rooms which occasionally triggered violent reactions from the inmates. Macy bent over a large light table piecing together a series of still shots from the latest photos to create a life-sized Goode homolosine projection … Continue reading Body of work


fire place last thing standing

Heavy aftershocks rocked Somerdale south to Bishop Hills, rattling windows, and cracking sidewalks. Red Olsburg prowled the streets in his heavy-duty, dually pickup using his city council ID to get him access to closed roads and highways. He was looking to claim his share of disaster spoils. What the earthquake didn’t destroy, the residual tremors … Continue reading Aftershocks

Yonder copse

pine tree grove at the end of a sandy trail

In yonder copse, where the trail shies from the cursed wood, a secret dwells. Ghost stories shared around a dying campfire tell of a child who wandered into the trees while chasing fireflies, never again seen. Enchanted by the tiny, twinkling luminescence, the child pirouetted and leapt around the glade. A carpet of emerald moss … Continue reading Yonder copse

Muses’ revenge

down into a stairwell

With hammer and chisel, ancient masters chipped away jagged shards of stone bringing forth images of man and woman so lifelike that had they opened their eyes and breathed it would have been evidence of their holy birth. Arduous and time-consuming, sculpting of old was not an efficacious method of artistic expression. In the modern … Continue reading Muses’ revenge