A run-on slam

black and white shot of a metal trashcan against a brick wall

Composing slam poetry while huddled around a burning trash can for warmth on a frigid winter night, a gang of gamins - distinguished by their customary street uniforms of oversized denim jeans slung low on bony hips and Crooks & Castle hoodies, the too long sleeves pushed up passed ashy elbows - stood apart from a … Continue reading A run-on slam

Devil on your shoulder

angel statue

Zular sprawled across the lichen-stained crypt, an occasional piteous moan escaping his demoniac body. “What’s the point?” He wailed. “What are you prattling on about, Zu?” Cassiel stretched out her luminous wings, sunlight reflecting into Zular eyes causing him to squint against the exquisite radiance. “I hate campaign season.” He rolled off the concrete vault, … Continue reading Devil on your shoulder

Daily chores

broken seashell

I go through the motions without thought. It is all so routine, so mundane. Monday is the kitchen, Tuesday is bathrooms, Wednesday is laundry. There are no highs or lows, days pass without excitement, without emotion. They tell me it will get better, that my grieving is a gift. I am to use it wisely, … Continue reading Daily chores

Secret weapon

cemetery grief bench

Goodwood Duxford tales... “This all has me so discombobulated.” Goodwood Duxford sat next to Grace Leighton on a small, concrete, grieving bench near her grave site. He was seeking the dearly-departed, Widow Leighton’s help in quashing a wraith uprising. An uprising much like the one that killed Goody’s great-grandfather, Egbert. “How can I help you … Continue reading Secret weapon