Monument to time

exposed tree roots

We are bare framework standing immobile against the elements. Bleached white like the bones of a long dead dinosaur, our roots run deep, anchoring us to the earth. We are a monument to perseverance, endurance, unbending stubbornness.

There is beauty in our austerity. Stripped of all outer trappings, we withstand the ages, adversity and tragedy. Our strength remains unrivaled.

Storm-ravaged, time-worn, sun-burnt, still we stay, defending our homes against all enemies at our gate.

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Submitted to Weekly Photo Challenge. The theme is to, “show us your take on a monument.”

9 thoughts on “Monument to time

  1. “stronger than we imagine” is what I felt after reading it.
    The picture is superb, haunting and beautiful all at once.


  2. Nice take on the Monument theme! I like it. I also like the treatment you gave these stalwart old relics of the past. I occasionally first-person my photos, as in my treatment of last week’s theme: Threshold.


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