It’s looking a lot like Christmas

Ornaments, white snow Sandy Claus is coming to town You better watch out For the past several years, I have gone to a local beach to snap a holiday photo. Sand on the Gulf Coast of Florida is crystalline quartz. It looks like fine, white sugar… or snow. Taking a new Christmas picture the first […]

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Blue landscape

gulf landscape

Blue on blue vista Sapphire to lapis ombré Watercolor wash

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Storyteller beach

sand shelf high tide

Strata tells a tale Digging deeper for the truth Subterranean Like rings of a tree Each layer another chapter Archaeologist Years through an hourglass Measuring passage of time Interminable Starfish sand castles Mermaid scales and Kraken teeth Unbelievable

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Happy place

kicking back on the beach

Kicking back, lazy Sunshine, cool breeze, crystal waves Happy place dreamin’

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It’s been a good day

After several weeks of stress and frustration, I finally had a chance to get away and let go of all my troubles. I headed to the beach. It’s like going camping. I brought a chair and blanket; a windbreak umbrella; a cooler full of lunch, drinks and snacks; a good book; sunscreen and a wide-brim floppy […]

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Sweet cherry pie

hazy beach

I still can’t wrap my brain around it. Sitting alone on the desolate beach, I squint out at the horizon. The once vast, cerulean expanse is now a murky grey, its edges indistinct. A two-year-old article in Sky and Space Magazine predicted the phenomenon, but I didn’t pay much attention to the dire forecast. It […]

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