I like the book better

black and white driftwood and barnacles

“What I like about black and white photographs is that they’re more like reading the book than seeing the movie.” ~ Robert Heinecken  

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Move along

seagull flock black and white

Standing firm can be pointless when being unmovable means being unfeeling. You can be true to yourself, steadfast in your beliefs, without being unkind. You can be moved to take action without trampling those who don’t share your ideals. I don’t have to agree with you to respect you. I don’t have to insult you, […]

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black and white oak canopy

Bare limbs spread out like skeleton ribbing. Draped in a tattered shroud of Spanish moss, it is scant protection from the biting rain and brutal wind. Ancient oaks open as an umbrella over my head. A canopy of wasted dreams flutter and snap, a daunting cacophony of regret and guilt. Do I shutter that hiding […]

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Every man’s an island

palm tree trunk

Being on the island for so long, he learned the quickest way to climb the palms. Digging calloused toes into the overlapping spines on the trunks, he shimmied up the boles like going up a ladder. From the crown, he could see over the ocean to the near horizon where a ship’s head sail was […]

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Monument to time

exposed tree roots

We are bare framework standing immobile against the elements. Bleached white like the bones of a long dead dinosaur, our roots run deep, anchoring us to the earth. We are a monument to perseverance, endurance, unbending stubbornness. There is beauty in our austerity. Stripped of all outer trappings, we withstand the ages, adversity and tragedy. […]

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Street scene

city street

The largest city I’ve lived in was Knoxville, TN. I was there, practically downtown, for three years while attending the University of Tennessee. I could literally walk anywhere I wanted to go. Saturdays were for sports. We made the Vol walk to Neyland Stadium on home game weekends with what seemed like the entire student […]

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