Every man’s an island

palm tree trunk

Being on the island for so long, he learned the quickest way to climb the palms. Digging calloused toes into the overlapping spines on the trunks, he shimmied up the boles like going up a ladder.

From the crown, he could see over the ocean to the near horizon where a ship’s head sail was visible. If he tried to yell, he would give his position way to his captors. A fire was risky too, but a better signal.

He had to work fast, this was his best chance for rescue. He couldn’t even tell the other prisoners his plan.

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Light and Shade Sunday Challenge: “He travels the fastest that travels alone.” ~ Rudyard Kipling
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Submitted to Weekly Photo Challenge: “share a texture found in an unexpected place.”
*Macro of a sabal palmetto tree trunk, and its overlapping spines.

7 thoughts on “Every man’s an island

  1. You captured my imagination and created a whole story in 100 words. The fact that he could be alone or on some strange prison island is credit to your skillfull writing.




  2. Well, this was a surprise to read – I was expecting nothing more than a photo! A great story in a few lines. Not to mention, a great photo in black and white.


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