Light and airy, bright sunshine streamed into the atrium through a ceiling of glass and metal. Filled with towering, full-leafed trees and fragrant, blossom-covered shrubs, greenery couldn’t detract from the industrial feel of the gallery. Several benches lined the outer edge of a central courtyard, tucked under the shadow of a lush canopy of foliage. … Continue reading Homesick

Don’t repeat that

Each day the crowd grew larger. Rain or shine, dedicated fans gathered around the aviary, pen and paper at the ready, waiting for that day’s pronouncement. Sometimes philosophical, sometimes humorous, oft-times abstract in the extreme, Psittacine’s daily oration began precisely at noon. Watching the spectacle with silent disdain, Eagle expelled an incredulous sigh. “You’d better … Continue reading Don’t repeat that

Language class

Leslie spread out an array of flashcards over the dining table, each printed with a pictogram and its corresponding name in Spanish. Several workbooks lay unfinished on the floor, and a video language tutorial was paused on her laptop. Her head hurt and she was on the verge of a complete emotional breakdown. Doctors were … Continue reading Language class

En garde

Gallagher wasn’t an overly tall man, so storing his swords and épées in a stone pot that reached past his waist seemed impractical. He would be unable to cleanly draw any of his weapons should the need arise. Funny, that my first thought was of the readiness of his arsenal, and not that he possessed … Continue reading En garde

Road weary

Road-weary and brain-numb, Derek rubbed at his gritty eyes, then rolled down his car window. Maybe the cold air would help keep him awake, he had a long, desolate stretch of highway ahead of him. He had driven for hours without seeing a single other car. The only light was his headlamps and the waxing crescent … Continue reading Road weary