This way up

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You don’t have to worry. God and me, we’re okay. We talk almost every day. I call Him Big G, and He calls me little t.

Most of the time we get along great, sometimes we don’t.

He does stuff that really pisses me off, and I know that He’s none too happy with me on occasion. I’ve been so angry at Him that I’ve gone a long time without calling Him. And, He’s given me the silent treatment when He’s upset with something I’ve done. That’s how Families are. You fight, then you make up.

But one thing for sure, in all the conversations we’ve had, He’s never once mentioned you.

I’ll stick with what’s working between Him and me. He’ll let me know if I get it wrong, thanks anyway.

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Submitted to Weekly Writing Challenge. The theme: “If you have lingering regrets about a response you wish you’d made in 2014, here’s the time to play out the scenario and find some closure.”