100 Word Challenge: Divine

rag doll cat

This week, I am the pet whisperer. Not really, but I am pet sitting for two friends. One, a little, wiry terrier-ish dog belonging to my next door neighbor, and the other, my beach buddy’s ragdoll cat. The two, aside from being separate species, are totally different. Dixie is a jittery thing. Sometimes, when her […]

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This way up

gravestone with pointing finger

You don’t have to worry. God and me, we’re okay. We talk almost every day. I call Him Big G, and He calls me little t. Most of the time we get along great, sometimes we don’t. He does stuff that really pisses me off, and I know that He’s none too happy with me on occasion. […]

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The contest

They stood apart from the crowd gathering on the beach. It was peak tourist season and there wasn’t a square foot of bare sand. If it wasn’t some pasty out-of-town collegian lounging in a logo embossed chaise from one of the nearby resorts, it was a family of Bermuda short wearing vacationers spreading out under […]

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statue face

Standing naked before man, stripped of my uncertainty and fear, declaring openly my devotion to you, only then will I be a righteous believer – when my faith is more precious than my life. NaBloPoMo 8/30

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A little faith

I know your journey was long and dark. That you felt lost and alone, but I was always close by your side. You never saw me, but I was there you should stumble or fall. You had to make this journey on your own. Had to find your solitary path, to know you were strong […]

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