Do unto others

mary statue

When I was a small child, I would pull one of my father’s white T-shirts over my head just so my face was showing, the sleeves and my hair tucked inside to make it look like I was wearing an ecclesiastical wimple. I would tell my devout, Southern Baptist mother that I was going to […]

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Divine retribution

church black and white

The acrid taint of burning incense did nothing to mask the rancid stink that permeated the desecrated sanctuary. Reavers had crawled over the walls and altar like leather beetles, stripping the trappings of the sanctuary like flesh from bone. Taking their pickings, reavers left their leaders to bask in the profane overthrow. Their chief, Rolf, sprawled […]

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All an Acts

vintage permanent wave machine

She worries about my ink and the extra bling in my ears, and nose, and navel, while fretting with the solitary Swarovski gems adorning her 00 gauge, stretched out earlobes. Arched, over-engineered brows punctuate her displeasure. She pooh-poohs my Black Dahlia lips, her blue morpho butterfly wing lids fluttering in fear. A tremulous rebuttal declaring […]

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This way up

gravestone with pointing finger

You don’t have to worry. God and me, we’re okay. We talk almost every day. I call Him Big G, and He calls me little t. Most of the time we get along great, sometimes we don’t. He does stuff that really pisses me off, and I know that He’s none too happy with me on occasion. […]

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statue face

Standing naked before man, stripped of my uncertainty and fear, declaring openly my devotion to you, only then will I be a righteous believer – when my faith is more precious than my life. NaBloPoMo 8/30

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prison bars

His crime broke laws thousands of years old. Thrown into a cell of metal and stone, he was left to contemplate his sins. The only sounds, the wailing of his fellow prisoners and the soft tumble of prayers falling from his own lips. In other cells, other captives scratched marks on their walls with rusty, […]

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