Yard sale

hand-painted for sale sign

It was actually happening. After all those years of joking about it, Mister finally agreed. I’m not sure if I wore him down, or convinced him it was a good idea. We sold off everything, bought an RV and made plans to travel the U.S.

The yard sale was his idea. His way of needling me, knowing how much I hated having total strangers lurking around our house, sketchy, scary people. At least we compromised on the big-ticket items and sold most of those on Craig’s List. We didn’t need the kitchen appliances. The RV we bought had a galley with a stove and dishwasher. It was just the two of us, so a full-sized fridge was too much.

The boat went fast. He grumbled about it a little, but knew dragging it around behind the motor home was a bad idea. The kids didn’t want it, so it went on the board.

His scooter was the last to go. I promised we could get good trail bikes to make up for losing his wheels.

Our first scheduled stop, Bahia Honda State Park in Key West, was the southern most campground. From there, we’d work our way west. We’d stay in Cali during the worst of the winter weather, then head back east by a northern route.

Our plan was to take six-months to make the cross-country trek each way. After a year, we’d decide where we wanted to settle.

We had travel guides, and maps. We made reservations at various campgrounds, and even set up resident host jobs at the parks where we’d be wintering.

The closer to our departure time, the more excited we both became. The Mister was looking forward to the fishing and hiking, and I was eager to try out the new camera I got for our trip.

It was to be the adventure of a lifetime.

Now, he’s making the trip by himself. Well, I’m along for the ride, but I’ll be tucked away in an urn in the rear storage compartment. He plans to scatter a bit of my ashes at each of the stops we originally planned.

Once he gets home, he’s selling the RV and moving in with our oldest girl. They’re adding on an efficiency apartment for him while he’s away. They planted a rose bush near where his bedroom window will be. The first handful of ashes was mixed into the soil. He said he’d tell me all about the trip when he returns.

I can’t wait to hear his stories. He always tells the best stories.

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29/31 – Yard sale

10 thoughts on “Yard sale

  1. Oh Tara. So bittersweet. The way you can take a sign and craft lives, voices and people, true and true, from them is no ordinary feat.

    I actually know a couple that is doing this, retired, sold their house and bought an RV to rival it and are seeing the country. So in my head I had them, this couple, in my mind.

    Hoping those stories he comes home with are exceptional.


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