100 Word Challenge: Retire

I don’t have a job. Well, I have a job being the most awesome domestic engineer ever (read: homemaker), I just don’t get paid. (The perks, however: can be pretty spectacular though.) The last paying gig I had, I was laid-off when the company went through a lot of internal strife, re-branding, and departmental restructuring. […]

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Capture the flag

“Looks exactly how I remember,” Stuart sighed. “Think so?” Walter tilted his head, squinting at the wooden fort. “Looks smaller to me.” “We were smaller then,” Stu laughed. “Remember hanging out in the clubhouse eating breakfasts of dry Cap’n Crunch straight out of the box?” Walter chuckled. “Wendy used to get that for the boys […]

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Retirement plan

Old jeeps never die They retire to secret glens Transform into trees

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Old man in the sea

seagull wading along the shore

Retired businessman and Florida snowbird, Oscar, was too enthralled by the bikini-clad coeds winter sunbathing on the beach to notice the tide was coming in, that was until he realized his shoes and socks were wet.

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Calling it a day

three green apples

The room was dark, the blinds drawn against the dawning light. Trying to move, Pauley’s arms and legs were lead. In her dream, her screams were shrill, terrified. Her husband snored softly beside her, oblivious to her cries for help. Trying once more to cry out, she struggled against her immobilization. Her dog, reacting to […]

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Yard sale

hand-painted for sale sign

It was actually happening. After all those years of joking about it, Mister finally agreed. I’m not sure if I wore him down, or convinced him it was a good idea. We sold off everything, bought an RV and made plans to travel the U.S. The yard sale was his idea. His way of needling me, […]

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