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Weathering away

say my name out loud before wind and rainfall come and wash me away

Party time

“What should the invitations say?” “We should use his government name.” “Most people only know him by ‘Big Boy, they won’t know who Chauncey is.” “They’ll figure it out.” The two sisters, Ida and Ella, sorted through an upholstered album filled with stationery samples debating paper weight, and whether embossed or calligraphy lettering was better. ...

Heads I win

It is just a penny - a common, copper one-cent piece that anyone may find on the ground on any day. Except it isn’t common. Half buried in the coarse, variegated sand, face up to show Lincoln’s stoic profile and the mint date, that coin shouldn’t be there. Urban legend holds our dearly departed can ...

Grampa butterfly

Huge tangles of black and orange hung in the trees, quivering with anticipation. Each butterfly’s beat of rice-paper thin mosaic wings, stirred the air, wafting perfume from it flowery perch. Mesmerized, Jorja sat beneath a kaleidoscope of butterflies, watching as a single monarch flitted from the rabble to settle on another swarm. Her mother, Laurie, ...

pet grave marker


Good and faithful friend Life lived well, love embodied Unconditional Photo: Grave marker at St. Francis Assisi pet cemetery, Santa Rosa Beach, FL

tree growing in grave plot

A tree grows

When I pass, I’ve told my family that I want to be cremated. As much time as I spend with my camera in cemeteries, I also appreciate how much land they require. It’s imaginable that one day, we’ll run out of space for more cemeteries. Both of my parents have cremation directives in their wills. ...

wooden stairs into a valley

A wise man travels

  He packed his bags and said all his good-byes. It was time for his last journey. There were tears and clutching, wailing and beseeching, so many reasons why he needed to stay. His only reason to go he said was, "because.” At first light, he left his home, locked the front door, and didn’t turn back. One ...