Heads I win

It is just a penny – a common, copper one-cent piece that anyone may find on the ground on any day.

Except it isn’t common. Half buried in the coarse, variegated sand, face up to show Lincoln’s stoic profile and the mint date, that coin shouldn’t be there.

Urban legend holds our dearly departed can communicate with us by leaving pennies in our path, their year stamped intrinsically linked to the deceased.

What then does it mean if the coined is dated two years into the future? And, if I pick it up, is it a portent of my death?

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  1. Short Story of the Week for August 6, 2017 – ADAN RAMIE August 13, 2017 at 12:22 pm

    […] Heads I Win by Tara R. is a short tale that brings to mind the fickle quality of reality and the impermanence of our lives. […]



  2. Woah. Great concept. Nicely handled, too.



  3. Pennies from the future! I love that and where you could go with it.

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  4. Yikes, Tara. I like your 100 words. The ending really got me!



  5. We found a 1914 halfpenny under our bath, behind a panel, in a part of the house built in 1982! It was very odd. I wrote about it. And now the coin has disappeared!

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