Time is a web

What came before: Capt. Poppy Spector After weeks recuperating from her near-fatal shipwreck, Poppy was finding life in an agrarian settlement a welcome change from the rigid routine of space travel. She was healing in body, mind, and spirit. Once she was feeling stronger, Poppy joined the ovine herders. It was the shearing season and … Continue reading Time is a web

Open call

The sign hanging outside the seamstress’ shop creaked as it slowly swayed above the store entrance. Flakes of sun-bleached paint fell with each swing peppering the sidewalk dull green and yellow. If passers-by peered through the storefront’s milky, open-backed windows, they would see stripped dress forms lined up like a phalanx of linen and papier-mâché … Continue reading Open call

Meeting the neighbors

The invitation was penned in elegant calligraphy on fine, handmade cotton rag paper, and sealed with a dark crimson, wax stamp embossed with an intricate Cappas family crest. It was hand-delivered on a sunny, Monday morning, by the family retainer. “Who was that?” Belinda Danner called out to her daughter. Gillian turned the envelope over … Continue reading Meeting the neighbors

Sign of the times

“There’s was an actual bear sighted around here.” Jacque and her mother Jolene were folding clothes while watching a mid-day news report about dumpsters at local businesses being vandalized, and the extensive damage being blamed on displaced black bears. To date, however; that theory had not been proven. “Where’d ya hear that?” Jolene held the … Continue reading Sign of the times

Heads I win

It is just a penny - a common, copper one-cent piece that anyone may find on the ground on any day. Except it isn’t common. Half buried in the coarse, variegated sand, face up to show Lincoln’s stoic profile and the mint date, that coin shouldn’t be there. Urban legend holds our dearly departed can … Continue reading Heads I win