Daisy chain

yellow daisy

A scattering of yellow daisy petals lay on the ground around Leimoni. Plucked stems clung to her wild hair, adding to the bird nest quality of her auburn mane. Murmuring under her breath, Leimoni selected another flower from the bouquet in her lap and began stripping off more petals.

“Still haven’t made a decision?” Leimoni’s cousin Suke watched the flora destruction with a slightly amused expression.

Flinging the last petal over her head, Leimoni let loose an exasperated sigh, her whole body expelling the frustrated air. “It’s impossible.”

Gathering the remaining flowers, Leimoni accepted her cousin’s hand, letting her pull her off the ground.

Suke took the bouquet, cradling it in her free arm, and held Leimoni around her waist with her other arm.

“I don’t understand why this is so difficult,” Suke shook her head, and shrugged her shoulders in bewilderment. “You could flip a coin, and not make a wrong choice.”

Leimoni shook her head in agreement, but still had a look of consternation on her face.

“I know!” Leimoni threw her arms over her head, dislodging several more flower stems. “No matter what I do, they will keep doing the same stupid things over again.”

“What would happen if you just don’t do anything?” Suke stopped walking, and pulled Leimoni to a stop too. “The worst?”

Leimoni covered her face with her hands, vigorous rubbing her tired eyes.

“The same thing that would happen if I made a decision, nothing,” she said, “except… They would know I abandoned them. Even if nothing they do changes, the one constant is that they recognize that I’m still trying.”

“Yeah, there is that.” Suke took Leimoni by the arm again and began walking.

“Even if it’s all in vain, even if my mortals never learn to take care of the earth I’ve provided them, I have to keep trying,”

“And that,” said Suke, “is why you’re in charge, and not me.”

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Light and Shade Challenge: “Against stupidity, the gods themselves contend in vain.” ~ Friedrich Schiller
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19/31 – Petal

5 thoughts on “Daisy chain

  1. Jeez, you mean there’s actually someone in charge? If so, I wish she’d get pissed off and DO something about the Cheaters and the Spoilers, Polluters and Habitat Destroyers.

    BTW – I love this piece. Charming. Well written – but then, what of yours isn’t?

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