Mom is unwell

I can see Her ribs She is so thin, neglected She needs your mercy

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The world beneath my feet

macro seashell on white sand

Stretched out in the warm, soft sand My shirt riding up at the waist I feel the tickle of crystalline quartz against my skin From this down-to-earth vantage point I see The delicate geometry of each grain The curve and curl of each graceful scallop Making contact with my world Seeing what few see Feeling […]

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Daisy chain

yellow daisy

A scattering of yellow daisy petals lay on the ground around Leimoni. Plucked stems clung to her wild hair, adding to the bird nest quality of her auburn mane. Murmuring under her breath, Leimoni selected another flower from the bouquet in her lap and began stripping off more petals. “Still haven’t made a decision?” Leimoni’s […]

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Mother Earth loves you

natural heart

I treasure the earth. Warm sunshine and clean air. Quiet solitude where I can hear myself think. Soft moss and velvet ferns That cushion my feet. The lullaby of the forest, And symphony of the ocean. Sweet camellia and magnolia blossoms, Fireflies and hummingbirds, imagination in flight. Treat her well, and Mother Earth will reward […]

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