She’s got the touch

broken car mirror

He hated calling her, but his captain liked the good press she brought the department when solving difficult cases. He couldn’t deny she got results, but it confounded him how she did it. He was follow-the-rules analytical, black and white, right and wrong. She went into the in-between, walked in the creases where light was […]

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Dream Cars

1942 Lœuf Électrique

Took a short trip to Atlanta this weekend with my menfolk, and stopped at the High Museum of Art to visit its Dream Cars exhibit. More than two dozen concept cars, dating from 1934 to 2010, were on display. Here are a few of my favorites. (The exhibit has been extended through Sept. 14.) (Photos […]

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Third floor apartment

fire escape

Beneath the oak tree was the perfect spot to watch his apartment. Under the leaf-thick branches, looking down from the third floor, she was hidden from view. The coffee cup in her hands wasn’t for the caffeine, it was only a prop in case someone walked up, and questioned why she was there. Their affair […]

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Breakin’ the Law

chocolate cupcake

I had a moment in Target earlier this week. I feared having a total meltdown in the fitting room while trying on jeans. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve driven home in tears after clothes shopping. For women of a certain size, it can be an exercise in futility, and humiliation. Damn you, […]

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A pirate tale

With his sun-weary face always turned toward the sea, Cap’n Thad looked every bit the pirate. He had pulled his long, grey hair into a loose braid, and embellished it with bits of sea glass and shells. Small, gold hoops hung from his ears. He regaled tourists at the wharf with tales from a lifetime as a […]

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Magician’s apprentice

They both knew the day would come when the student surpassed the teacher. He was no longer the trusty sidekick, the apprentice to a mentor. In a supreme test of power to decide who was the master, they prepared for a final battle. No mere quarrel, this was a fight to the death. Each drawing on […]

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