A pirate tale

With his sun-weary face always turned toward the sea, Cap’n Thad looked every bit the pirate. He had pulled his long, grey hair into a loose braid, and embellished it with bits of sea glass and shells. Small, gold hoops hung from his ears. He regaled tourists at the wharf with tales from a lifetime as a … Continue reading A pirate tale

yellow daisy

Daisy chain

A scattering of yellow daisy petals lay on the ground around Leimoni. Plucked stems clung to her wild hair, adding to the bird nest quality of her auburn mane. Murmuring under her breath, Leimoni selected another flower from the bouquet in her lap and began stripping off more petals. “Still haven’t made a decision?” Leimoni’s … Continue reading Daisy chain

discarded mannequin feet

Odd character

Edgar was an odd character. He wasn’t a Little Person, being well over four-foot tall, but his hunched posture made him appear smaller. On the hottest of days, he would wear a long, overcoat that nearly reached the ground, tangling around his ankles. A wide-brimmed fedora and dark glasses shaded his face, and black cotton … Continue reading Odd character