Point blank

civil war cannon

Ideas, hurled like cannon balls, are indiscriminate in their destruction. A special license should be required before shooting off your mouth. Spewing ignorant words in a spray of hatred and bigotry, bullets of misogyny and intolerance raining down without any regard for who they wound. Sticks and stones… words kill more people than guns and knives. You … Continue reading Point blank


convergent clouds

A strident environment,
 Unyielding and discordant, The catalyst for metamorphosis triumphant. Transforming archaic beliefs emergent, Their nurtured nature intransigent. Truth will find fulfillment, Regardless of errant agents Undermining change eloquent. Incoherent arguments maleficent, Weak and indefensible, transient. Volume and vitriol add nothing intelligent To a unredeemable comportment. False prophets who deliver abhorrent preachment, Fueling their … Continue reading Convergent