Category: Haiku

Neon billboard

Neon billboards glow Burning love letters across A blue velvet sky

Meager beginnings

From tiny seeds grow Towering evergreen pines Gotta start somewhere

Blue sky clan

Sing a song on high Legend of the blue sky clan Totem electric

The window dark

What lurks in the dark Behind neglected windows A life forsaken

Layers upon layers

New year, new layer Building upon each other Stronger together

Flags flying

Warning flags flying Rip currents, jellyfish, sharks Fun day at the beach

Waiting game

Winds bellow, rains rage A storm’s coming, where or when It’s a waiting game I live on the Florida Panhandle and am watching Hurricane Irma's track very closely. Current forecasts have the storm skirting around where I live, so I think we're safe. Hopefully, she'll continue moving more east-northeast into open water, and away from ...

Glimpse of sky

Concrete, steel and glass Deep canyons, soaring mountains A glimpse of blue sky

Baby’s first laugh

Fairytale creatures Born of stardust and daydreams A baby’s first laugh