Category: Haiku

Rarefied air

High above the clouds Breathe in pure, rarefied air Child of the wind

Skin so soft

Chartreuse anole Clad in velvety leather Stepping out in style

Operator, please

Deposit 10¢ If you’d like to place a call You must first dial one

Battle stations

Waging fierce battle To the victor goes the spoils Rock, paper, scissors

Onward still

Truth and Charity Dim lights in grievous darkness Walking onward still

Forecast pending

From clear to tempest Weather, wait ten minutes more Unpredictable

Moving day

Tiny house hunter Looking to downsize my life Does it have a pool?

Twelve steps

Twelve unflinching steps Order within the chaos Threshold to threshold

For only a moment

A walk in the clouds Fleeting journey through dreamland Praying ne’er to leave