Too much to bear

bent over tree

“Are you sure we’re in the right place?” Mia picked dry leaves out of her hair. “Of course, I’m sure.” Aden pushed aside underbrush. Traipsing through the woods looking for a specific tree was a frustrating endeavor. Ten years was a long time in a tree’s life. “It won’t still be that little sapling.” Mia turned […]

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Keeping the dogs at bay

sunrise over water

The first grumblings woke her at 5:23:17 a.m. Liv knew the precise time because those were the numbers staring back at her when she opened her left eye long enough to see the blurry, neon green numbers on her bedside clock. It was only her left eye because her right was blocked by the grey […]

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100 Word Challenge: Forever

anniversary roses

Yesterday, June 14, was my 30th wedding anniversary. Our wedding was held the day after my husband graduated college, and about a week before we moved three hours away from family and friends. The event was the culmination of one blind date and three years of courting – two years of which were long-distance – before […]

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Stumbling in the dark

colored glass lamp scones

“The power’s out” “No, shit.” Stumbling in the dark, Sawyer barked his shin against the coffee table in the living room, letting loose a stream of obscenities. “That was unnecessary.” Janel bumped into the back of the couch. “Stand still, I’ll find you.” She edged along the top of the cushions, arms out, hands open. As […]

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Up a tree

tree tops

“Whaddya think?” She stood back, scrutinizing the wall. Freshly painted with crown molding accents, it was the final touch on their new house. There was still something wrong. “You don’t like it?” He sounded defeated, especially after all his hard work. “It’s not that,” she said, tilting her head to study the wall from a […]

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Wifely duties

house shingles

Two paint-stained sawhorses were set up in the yard. A dusty circular saw still attached to a twisted, orange industrial power cord sat cooling on one of the horses. Several panels of bare siding laid out in the driveway on flattened cardboard boxes were waiting for their first coat of white primer. He knelt in […]

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