colored glass lamp scones

Stumbling in the dark

“The power’s out” “No, shit.” Stumbling in the dark, Sawyer barked his shin against the coffee table in the living room, letting loose a stream of obscenities. “That was unnecessary.” Janel bumped into the back of the couch. “Stand still, I’ll find you.” She edged along the top of the cushions, arms out, hands open. As … Continue reading Stumbling in the dark

tree tops

Up a tree

“Whaddya think?” She stood back, scrutinizing the wall. Freshly painted with crown molding accents, it was the final touch on their new house. There was still something wrong. “You don’t like it?” He sounded defeated, especially after all his hard work. “It’s not that,” she said, tilting her head to study the wall from a … Continue reading Up a tree

sunset horizon

Final frontier

The ancients believed that our world ended at the horizon, that the ocean simply fell off into nothing. They couldn’t fathom the immensity of the earth. Since then we have extended our vision. We’ve touched every continent, climbed every mountain, dove into every sea. We’ve flown to the moon and back, and pine for faraway Mars. … Continue reading Final frontier

oatmeal cookies

Pity party cookies

I was feeling sorry for myself because I will be alone on the Hallmark Made-up Holiday Saturday, so I made myself some cookies. (They had pineapple and bananas, and gluten-free oatmeal, so they're good for me... right?) The menfolk are on a mission over the weekend. A trip they are taking with my blessing. Still, even if I reject … Continue reading Pity party cookies