Stumbling in the dark

“The power’s out”

“No, shit.”

Stumbling in the dark, Sawyer barked his shin against the coffee table in the living room, letting loose a stream of obscenities.

“That was unnecessary.” Janel bumped into the back of the couch. “Stand still, I’ll find you.”

She edged along the top of the cushions, arms out, hands open. As Janel shuffled around the arm of the couch, she caught her little toe on the leg.


Sawyer guffawed. From the sound, Janel could tell he was close in front of her. She swung a fist and connected with his face.

“That was unnecessary.”

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3 thoughts on “Stumbling in the dark

  1. Oh, dear, but ow. Poor Janel. It got a quiet giggle out of me while I’m here in my lecture hall, so thank you for that!


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