Gum shoe

Della’s mind was as dense as the evening fog rolling over the pier. You could see something moving around in there, but it was never clear what. I curse the day she walked into my shabby, third-floor walk-up office. First thing I deduced was that she was dressed all wrong. Her floral print rayon sundress […]

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Stumbling in the dark

colored glass lamp scones

“The power’s out” “No, shit.” Stumbling in the dark, Sawyer barked his shin against the coffee table in the living room, letting loose a stream of obscenities. “That was unnecessary.” Janel bumped into the back of the couch. “Stand still, I’ll find you.” She edged along the top of the cushions, arms out, hands open. As […]

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Dark matter

His whole countenance is black. The very air around him dark with foul humor. I knew him when he was the golden boy. The sun rose and set on him, there was nothing he could do that dimmed his light. That was until her. She blew into his life like an ill wind. Wrapping him […]

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