view of playground through chain link fence

Why do they just come here for drop-offs and kid exchanges? This is a place for fun, for laughter, not for bitch sessions.

Gawd! If all they want to do is hurt each other, they can do that in a freakin’ parking lot. Hell, drive vans and only slow down long enough to toss the ankle-biters through the open sliding doors. What’s a little road rash to a kid?

This is a playground dammit, not a war zone! Grow up and get your lives straight before you completely warp your kids.

Do not make me scrape your knees!

Voice 1: Phoebe
Voice 2: Nash
Voice 3: Coral
Voice 4: Trey

Voice Week 2014
Voice Week 2014: Write five versions of the same flash story with identical facts but different voices. Make them each about 100 words long. Post one a day, Monday through Friday, September 22 – 26: Worst Fear

10 thoughts on “Playground

  1. What a creative voice! A few others have done animals, but I think this is the only inanimate object (if you can call a playground an object) that I’ve read. I love how the playground voice has such strong emotions and opinions!


  2. I never thought what the playground had to say about our daily matters. I found this quite funny, but also introspective. What a cool idea!
    Thanks for sharing all the voices this week, it was a pleasure!


  3. Haha! I didn’t realise until the final line that I was hearing the Playground’s voice, then had to read it again to truly appreciate it. A very unique and unexpected end to the week.

    Thanks for sharing!


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