Tough as nails

Bent framing nails cluttered her desk. Victoria kept her attention on them, trying not to stare at the man across from her who dropped them there. He was familiar. The estranged husband of one of her clients, she dubbed him, The Tyrant. When Van Donovan made an appointment to talk with her, Victoria told her […]

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Do It Yourself

I firmly believe that DIY home projects should not be attempted by married or otherwise committed couples. Such tasks can be as simple as assembling a particleboard bookcase, or as painstaking as papering bathroom walls. The trouble comes when both partners believe there is only one way to perform the job, their way. Everyone wants to be […]

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Fragile thanksgiving

glass pumpkin in dry leaves

My emotions are all a jumble. This is our first Thanksgiving apart. Even saying it like that, “apart,” seems only temporary. I supposed given the circumstances, “asunder,” would be more accurate. I made dressing for dinner even though I never liked eating it. I would only make it for you. I guess it was simply […]

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view of playground through chain link fence

Why do they just come here for drop-offs and kid exchanges? This is a place for fun, for laughter, not for bitch sessions. Gawd! If all they want to do is hurt each other, they can do that in a freakin’ parking lot. Hell, drive vans and only slow down long enough to toss the ankle-biters […]

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playground swing toggle

Nash ran headlong at Trey. “Hey boy!” Trey caught his son mid-stride and swung him into the air, balancing him on his shoulders. “Why is Coral here?” Nash, hugging Trey’s neck, whispered in his ear. “She’s not so bad.” Trey helped the boy down from his perch. “Cut ‘er some slack.” Dragging his dad toward […]

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swing macro

Daddy! I missed you lots Daddy. Why is Coral here? I hate her. She talks ta me like a baby. I’m a big boy. I’m five an’ in kinnergar’en. Push me in th’ swings Daddy. Come on! Jus’ me an’ you. I can walk by myse’f, Coral. I don’ wanna hold your hand. You can’t […]

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playground swing

Phoebe helped the squirming Nash out of his car seat. Without looking back the boy ran towards the playground and his father. Trey’s fiancée, Coral, was standing beside him, her periwinkle blue eyeshadow flashing like neon. A sour lump formed in Phoebe’s throat. She knew this day was coming, but didn’t expect to feel so […]

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Road sign Bitter End

“Will you be home for dinner?” There was an edge to her voice, no matter how nonchalant Erica tried to sound. “If you have to work late again, I won’t bother cooking.” She had her back to him, so missed Jerry’s eye roll but clearly heard his put-upon sigh. “I’m not sure,” he said, picking […]

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