Do It Yourself

I firmly believe that DIY home projects should not be attempted by married or otherwise committed couples.

Such tasks can be as simple as assembling a particleboard bookcase, or as painstaking as papering bathroom walls. The trouble comes when both partners believe there is only one way to perform the job, their way. Everyone wants to be in charge, but no one wants to be told what to do.

Tempers flare, nerves fray, feelings get hurt, and possibly, tears shed. That’s just in the first five minutes.

Keep your romance alive. When there is a job to do, hire professionals.

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Paper hanging

13 thoughts on “Do It Yourself

    1. My husband and I have a big DIY project that should begin this weekend. I’m determined to be silent and helpful. I may have to bite my tongue a lot, but I won’t make any suggestions on how we could be doing the work simpler.


    1. Whenever my Mister is working on a project, I only check on him occasionally and bring him cold drinks. I’ve learned that I am not needed and most often, not wanted as a helper.


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