swing macro


I missed you lots Daddy.

Why is Coral here? I hate her. She talks ta me like a baby. I’m a big boy. I’m five an’ in kinnergar’en.

Push me in th’ swings Daddy. Come on! Jus’ me an’ you.

I can walk by myse’f, Coral. I don’ wanna hold your hand.

You can’t play wi’f us. Daddy’s gonna push me.

Lookie Daddy! Lookie me! I’m flyin’. Higher Daddy, higher!

Daddy, Daddy, slow down. I wan’ out.

I can do’d it myse’f Coral. Stop. You’re mean, lemme go!

You’re not my mommy, I don’ hafta do what you say.

Voice Week 2014
Voice Week 2014: Write five versions of the same flash story with identical facts but different voices. Make them each about 100 words long. Post one a day, Monday through Friday, September 22 – 26: Worst Fear

Voice 1 – Phoebe

14 thoughts on “Nash

  1. I cannot help but wonder how much of his mothers hatred for Coral has filtered into him… You’ve done a great job with the child’s voice, very believable and likeable. Nicely done.


  2. Nice! So now I feel even more like Coral might not be a good person. Monday’s voice of Phoebe I thought might have been an unreliable narrator, but this kid seems to really not like Coral. We’ll see what everyone else has to say about her.


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