Last call

A voice crackled over the sergeant’s shoulder mic giving out a police incident code and address sending Sgt. Kaplan to Roger Caldwell City Park about a bicycle. “How long’s it been here?” Kaplan asked Mrs. Edith Wexcombe, the person who called in the complaint. Mrs. Wexcombe had on her good lavender chenille house coat and... Continue Reading →

Must be present to win

Standing on the busy sidewalk, Suzy made slow turns, looking up at the tall buildings. The theme song from the Mary Tyler Moore show on continuous loop in her head, she regretting not having a felt beret to toss in the air. Suzy wasn’t a young woman, not just starting out in the business world.... Continue Reading →

Kelly Blue Book invaluable

To the uninitiated, these represent childhood memories of pretend car races. To me, they symbolize the manifestations of a lifelong obsession, a compulsive obsession. At the tender age of 12, my son was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. His rituals involve small, die-cast toys. Mainly cars, but it can also mean tiny motorcycles, airplanes, military... Continue Reading →

Roots and wings

I wanted wings To fly away from the loud voices and angry fists I wanted roots To feel like I was important, cherished I wanted wings To take that plunge out of the nest I wanted roots To know that I could survive on my own I wanted wings To feel the thrill of falling... Continue Reading →

If wishes were horses

I tease my SO about spending a few dollars a week on lottery numbers while I continue trying to win $7,000 a week for life from the ghost of Ed McMahon. Clicking through the inexhaustible pages of yard sale fodder, I keep hoping I’ll find the magical combination of “continues” and search topics to hit... Continue Reading →

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