An orderly life

Miss Clementine Fernsby was dressed inappropriately for the sweltering weather in her bespoken Weddington blouse of starched cotton, and ankle-length woolen walking skirt. Her silvery hair sat on top of her head in an orderly, coifed Edwardian bun. She and her secretary, Mabel, a plain and dowdy matron, were taking a stroll around the city’s […]

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100 Word Challenge: Promise

One morning each week I volunteer at a local elementary school. Before classes, students read announcements over the intercom, and one selected kid gets to lead everyone in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Wherever we – the volunteers – are in the building or outside on campus, we stop what we’re doing, face the general […]

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100 Word Challenge: Sing

A few days ago, the Mister was reading a Sports Illustrated piece about the Best Names of Recruiting Class 2017 (read: unusual to fantastical.) He got to Zacchaeus, and it triggered a childhood memory of a Sunday School song from long ago. A song that was a perennial favorite throughout my religious upbringing. A song […]

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100 Word Challenge: Tyrant

In 1992, my family got its first computer – a Mac LCII. Our oldest – and only child at the time – was three years old. We had the obligatory computer learning games loaded for our daughter’s entertainment, but for the most part, didn’t use it for much else. The internet was in its infancy, […]

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Last call

bayside pavilion and bicycle

A voice crackled over the sergeant’s shoulder mic giving out a police incident code and address sending Sgt. Kaplan to Roger Caldwell City Park about a bicycle. “How long’s it been here?” Kaplan asked Mrs. Edith Wexcombe, the person who called in the complaint. Mrs. Wexcombe had on her good lavender chenille house coat and […]

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Must be present to win

upward view of skyscrapers header

Standing on the busy sidewalk, Suzy made slow turns, looking up at the tall buildings. The theme song from the Mary Tyler Moore show on continuous loop in her head, she regretting not having a felt beret to toss in the air. Suzy wasn’t a young woman, not just starting out in the business world. […]

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