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You sought to dull my voice, Casting my words into the blankness, Tossed and swallowed with malice. In your cruelty you rejoice. No guiding star to lead me On a path I did not choose, I stumble, yet still refuse This penance defiantly. Engulfed in poisoned air Deafened by brackish lies, blinded By your razor-edged hatred … Continue reading Tideland

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Nash ran headlong at Trey. “Hey boy!” Trey caught his son mid-stride and swung him into the air, balancing him on his shoulders. “Why is Coral here?” Nash, hugging Trey’s neck, whispered in his ear. “She’s not so bad.” Trey helped the boy down from his perch. “Cut 'er some slack.” Dragging his dad toward … Continue reading Trey

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The boy’s childish rejection stung. Coral felt a flush of anger rising in her chest. Nash got his nasty manners from his mother. “Careful, Nash sweetie, don’t run,” she called through clenched teeth, then whispered, “you might get hit by a car.” Standing off from the swings, Coral fidgeted with her hair, twisting a strand painfully … Continue reading Coral

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Phoebe helped the squirming Nash out of his car seat. Without looking back the boy ran towards the playground and his father. Trey’s fiancée, Coral, was standing beside him, her periwinkle blue eyeshadow flashing like neon. A sour lump formed in Phoebe’s throat. She knew this day was coming, but didn’t expect to feel so … Continue reading Phoebe