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Nash ran headlong at Trey.

“Hey boy!” Trey caught his son mid-stride and swung him into the air, balancing him on his shoulders.

“Why is Coral here?” Nash, hugging Trey’s neck, whispered in his ear.

“She’s not so bad.” Trey helped the boy down from his perch. “Cut ‘er some slack.”

Dragging his dad toward the swings, Nash made a face. “She’s not my mommy.”

Trey felt a pang of regret, more sorry for his mistakes with Phoebe every day.

“No, buddy boy,” Trey said, catching sight of Coral sulking along the playground fringe. “She sure ain’t.”

“Higher Daddy!”

Voice Week 2014
Voice Week 2014: Write five versions of the same flash story with identical facts but different voices. Make them each about 100 words long. Post one a day, Monday through Friday, September 22 – 26: Worst Fear

Voice 1: Phoebe
Voice 2: Nash
Voice 3: Coral

10 thoughts on “Trey

  1. I like how dads can play out these feelings through their kids, especially in innocent moments. This reminds me of my divorced single dad days. Lots of bittersweetness.


  2. I don’t see this relationship going very far. Looks like Trey still has feelings for Phoebe.
    A very good voice, well balanced – mature and regretful. I liked how you kept everything subtle, didn’t let his regret overshadow other things. A very real character, like all the others so far.


  3. SEE NOBODY LIKES CORAL. This dad character is everything Coral isn’t – understanding, patient, compassionate. I like that he can see the error of his ways, but he’s still trying to make everything work out the way it has happened.


  4. I can see why Phoebe had such a low opinion of Trey and how he hasn’t had a serious relationship yet. He doesn’t let go of the past and fully move on. I hope he listens to his gut and his son


  5. My grandpa used to say, “You made your bed, now you lay in it.” Trey isn’t supporting the new relationship like he should – he’s letting his regrets influence his new relationship – and his son’s relationship with the new woman. And not in a good way.


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