Wherein she whines

Here I am at just a week shy of three months knee replacement post-op . Most days, I’m doing great. There is still some swelling and muscle fatigue, but no pain in the knee itself. Flexibility in my right knee is nearly the same as my left and continues to improve. I can do pretty […]

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How old would you be

She was a woman of a certain age, an age where she was told how she speaks, how she dresses, how she conducts herself was unbecoming a woman of her maturity. She felt like a pedestrian pedestrian walking through life head down, stumbling through traffic uninspired. The fortune teller’s sign, unnoticed on other trips downtown, […]

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Dear John

rusty cable crossing sign

Crumpled wads of paper littered the floor around her feet. Head in hand, pen poised over a blank page, Briony bit her lip in consternation, trying to pick the right words. She felt like a fraud. There were no tender phrases that would blunt the rejection made real in her letter. It had to be […]

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Make the most of your regrets


“Make the most of your regrets; never smother your sorrow, but tend and cherish it till it comes to have a separate and integral interest. To regret deeply is to live afresh.” ~ Henry David Thoreau During the day, I say, “no regrets, my mistakes helped make me who I am.” Then, at night, I […]

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playground swing toggle

Nash ran headlong at Trey. “Hey boy!” Trey caught his son mid-stride and swung him into the air, balancing him on his shoulders. “Why is Coral here?” Nash, hugging Trey’s neck, whispered in his ear. “She’s not so bad.” Trey helped the boy down from his perch. “Cut ‘er some slack.” Dragging his dad toward […]

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Fall from grace

He was tragic and dangerous, beautiful and beguiling. He could charm the stars from the sky, each falling to earth like a disgraced angel who never once repented their sin. He was the kind of boy you wouldn’t take home to mother. Not because she would disapprove, but because she would try to seduce him […]

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