Tough as nails

Bent framing nails cluttered her desk. Victoria kept her attention on them, trying not to stare at the man across from her who dropped them there.

He was familiar. The estranged husband of one of her clients, she dubbed him, The Tyrant. When Van Donovan made an appointment to talk with her, Victoria told her secretary to have security on standby. He was unpredictable.

Van had redoubled his attempts to intimidate his wife into not leaving him – a plot that grievously backfired.

Finally looking up, Victoria fought down bile, seeing the wounds each nail made. Van signed the divorce papers.

Redouble and/or Magnify

2 thoughts on “Tough as nails

  1. When I read this, I thought of a woman I know who was asked to serve divorce papers on her friend’s husband. After she did so, the friend stayed with the guy!

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