Tough as nails

Bent framing nails cluttered her desk. Victoria kept her attention on them, trying not to stare at the man across from her who dropped them there. He was familiar. The estranged husband of one of her clients, she dubbed him, The Tyrant. When Van Donovan made an appointment to talk with her, Victoria told her […]

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May I have this dance

prom invitation graffiti

She danced around the atelier, turning her head to her shoulder so she could watched herself in the mirrors as she twirled and pirouetted. Her arms stretched out to her sides, curved as if holding onto a dance partner, she softly hummed along with the violins in Brahms’ waltz. Head up, shoulders relaxed, posture held […]

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Muses’ revenge

down into a stairwell

With hammer and chisel, ancient masters chipped away jagged shards of stone bringing forth images of man and woman so lifelike that had they opened their eyes and breathed it would have been evidence of their holy birth. Arduous and time-consuming, sculpting of old was not an efficacious method of artistic expression. In the modern […]

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In pursuit of justice

little plastic American flags

Tiny, plastic American flags lined both sides of the road leading into the complex. A light wind flipped the tips of each one sending a synchronized crackling down the rows. No one knew who put out the flags, only that by first light on July 4, they were in place leading from the main, public […]

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Full metal basket

metal storage lockers

Crystal swore as she walked from the outer limits of the parking lot to begin her shift at Big Box Store. It had been raining for five solid days and ankle-deep puddles made the crossing more like an obstacle course. She could feel the grimy water seeping into her galoshes, soaking her socks. That’s just […]

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