Snake in the grass

More from the Dinner Party... “What is on my schedule today, Jasper?” Augustine Stiles pronouncement the word “shed-yool,” regardless of the fact he was born in the U.S. midwest. Mr. Stiles was dressed for the day in khaki twill pants pressed with razor-sharp creases, and a white Oxford shirt accented with a blue and yellow … Continue reading Snake in the grass

Social call

Her skin felt oppressive; she wanted to strip it off and run around the room naked - nothing but muscle and bone - probably screaming too. There would definitely be screaming, and proverbial gnashing of teeth and beating of the breast. Of course, that would get messy without skin to contain the gore, then she’d … Continue reading Social call

Heart of stone

Singing in the old language, her incantation swirled around the cabin, mingling with dirty smoke rising from the brazier, changing the vapor from grey to putrid yellow. It wasn’t simply the tune she sang, it was the rise and fall of her voice, the intonation of each word. It was how she would elide through … Continue reading Heart of stone


“I dare you to touch it.” A wad of teens stood at the edge of the sunken field, several larger boys nudging and taunting a smaller one. Two cypress trees stood in the center of the Graco Factory drainage basin. Wrapped around their trucks about four feet from the ground was a metal band. Protruding from the … Continue reading Electrified