You better be good

More from the Dinner Party... “Her mother and father were frighteningly zealous in their dysfunctional child rearing.” Jasper reported back to his employer on his reconnoiter of their newest wish recipient, Ada Mercer, who asked to meet Santa. “So the fulfillment of her wish is to convince her that the Jolly ol’ Elf is fictitious?” … Continue reading You better be good

Sea breeze wishes

Up before her parents were out of bed, Paisley sat in a white plastic chair on the patio outside their hotel bedroom. She tried to be very quiet opening the sliding glass door, but it screeled when its rollers skidded across the accumulation of grit in the tracks. Paisley, not big enough to pick up … Continue reading Sea breeze wishes

They are my monkeys

The boys were a grappling tangle of spindly arms and legs. Fingers snatched handfuls of hair and teeth gnashed down on tender skin. When a coffee table got kicked over, the crash of glass and wood brought down the wrath of the Grand Dam. “What’s this kerfuffle?” Grandma O’Reilly stomped into the room, pulling the wrestling … Continue reading They are my monkeys