Birds and bees

It’s going to be an awkward talk. Why couldn’t he just abstain, that’d make it so much easier.

I know today’s attitudes toward sex aren’t the same as back in my day, but the consequences are the same, and maybe even worse. If he won’t listen to my admonishments to wait, he better use protection and not leave that responsibility to only his partner.

He thinks it’s none of my business, but there are young kids living here too. He lives under my roof, my rules.

I wished he had never started dating again.

“Hey, Dad… we need to talk.”

Inspiration: Talk


4 thoughts on “Birds and bees

  1. I tell you, bumping into your father’s ex-girlfriend when she’s with her grandchildren and still very attached is beyond mortifying. Father was never inappropriate, but he was a shocking flirt! Feel hugged after being reminded of him, thank you. LM x

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