They are my monkeys

The boys were a grappling tangle of spindly arms and legs. Fingers snatched handfuls of hair and teeth gnashed down on tender skin. When a coffee table got kicked over, the crash of glass and wood brought down the wrath of the Grand Dam. “What’s this kerfuffle?” Grandma O’Reilly stomped into the room, pulling the wrestling […]

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100 Word Challenge: Parent

My daughter called me last week in a fine fury. She wanted to vent about an encounter she had with someone who works in the same building where her office is located. I won’t go into detail, but the crux of the conversation was that he deigned to “mansplain” something to her, something that 1) […]

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Last call

bayside pavilion and bicycle

A voice crackled over the sergeant’s shoulder mic giving out a police incident code and address sending Sgt. Kaplan to Roger Caldwell City Park about a bicycle. “How long’s it been here?” Kaplan asked Mrs. Edith Wexcombe, the person who called in the complaint. Mrs. Wexcombe had on her good lavender chenille house coat and […]

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100 Word Challenge: Power

skate shoes pile

The division of power in my household is not balanced. I live with two men – my husband of 30 years and my 20-something son. The family dichotomy changed drastically when our older daughter permanently moved out of the our home. It went from an equal male/female ratio to one that is clearly stacked against […]

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Storm’s a’comin’

F15 fighter jet

The shrieking grew shriller as the volume went higher. Coffee mugs rattled on tables, utensils skipped across plate rim, and nerves frayed along tired edges. A blur of pink blew past me, a little sticky hand sweeping my napkin onto the floor. Looking up from my laptop screen, I watched a small whirlwind wreaking havoc […]

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These two…

brother and sister

These two… Four years apart in age, the teens years were a trial. She wanted to protect him, he wanted her to stop mothering him. Cats and dogs fight with more civility than they did. Now, both in their 20s, they are best buds. His sister is a leggy, 5’9″. Growing up, all he wanted […]

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