These two…

brother and sister

These two

Four years apart in age, the teens years were a trial. She wanted to protect him, he wanted her to stop mothering him. Cats and dogs fight with more civility than they did. Now, both in their 20s, they are best buds.

His sister is a leggy, 5’9″. Growing up, all he wanted was to be taller. He surpassed her years ago. She enjoys introducing her 6’1″ behemoth baby brother.

They are everything I could have ever dreamed for in children. They are smart, funny, compassionate, thoughtful, snarky, loving, giving, beautiful, and just all around good people.

I am grateful for:

My amazing children

365 Days of Grace


7 thoughts on “These two…

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  2. I wish I had a better relationship with my brother, which is one of the things that worried me about not have two girls or two boys. Reading things like this piece makes me so hopeful for my kids’ future relationship.


  3. There are times I wish I was closer to my sister and Other Brother, but we are all too different and have little in common. I am closest to Bro who is 12000 miles away on the other side of the world.
    I am glad your kids are so close.


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