Extraordinary ordinary

barnacle crusted buoy

I like taking pictures. Hopefully, I can live up to my tagline, and they turn out to be “pretty pictures.”

When I’m out rambling around local trails and beaches, for the expressed purpose of trying to capture the natural beauty I see around me, sometimes what I see may not be thought of as beguiling to other people.

I take pictures of trash, of a wall vandalized by spray paint, and the barnacle-crusted flotsam that washes up on pristine shores.

These images transfix and haunt me. There are stories here… a myth or fairytale waiting to be told.

It’s not my story. I only provide the “once upon a time…” It’s up to you to imagine the rest. My minimal involvement allows for that story to brew and ferment into something unique for each person.

Do you see pirate ships, hear a siren’s song? Is this evidence a dystopian world following a nuclear war, or an alien space ship stranded on an alien planet? What thousand words is this picture worth?

I’m grateful for:

  1. My camera
  2. An eclectic world to explore and time to do it
  3. A vivid imagination
  4. An eye for the extraordinary in the ordinary
wordpress button grunge
Submitted to Weekly Photo Challenge:”minimalist photo

365 Days of Grace


10 thoughts on “Extraordinary ordinary

  1. The same things you capture so well catches my eye in my neighborhood too. I love trash, graffiti, and flotsam too!! In fact, I took a similar pic as this one at my beach, but your ball and chain looks better than what I imagine might by my shot of jellyfish brains! lol


  2. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…… yet so many associate that phrase when describing people. Beauty is not necessarily beautiful……. we all see things differently, and sometimes it takes someone else to show us what might otherwise be missed.

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