Collect call

old rotary phone

One of the fun aspects of the Internet, is that we can make instant connections with people, not just down the street, but across the state, the country, the ocean.

I can chat with my cousins in California or Oklahoma, or trade quips with a friend in Indianapolis… across four time zones. It can be 4 o’clock in the afternoon where I am, and at the same time, I can have a conversation with someone at 7 in the morning in Japan.

It’s what the idea of time travel must have been like back before the advent of the world wide web. For a SciFi fan, it’s the stuff of dreams.

If only we could go back through time. Not just hours… but days, weeks, years.

To have a chance to have one last talk with my Grandmother, or tell my aunt how much I miss her. Friends and family gone too soon, with too much left unsaid.

There aren’t years, or days, or hours to be reclaimed. I only have now to say all those things I need to say, before it’s too late.

I’m grateful for:

  1. Still having time to say the things I need to say
  2. Family and friends all across the world
  3. Science Fiction
  4. My laptop and WiFi

365 Days of Grace


NaBloPoMo 8/30

3 thoughts on “Collect call

  1. Your grateful posts are helping me to be more grateful, live in this moment. Thank you for that. (and for the phone calls!)


  2. Abbey got her ears pierced this week, and one of the first things I thought of was how much my Grandma would have gotten a kick out of seeing her little earrings.


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