Collect call
Giving thanks

Collect call

One of the fun aspects of the Internet, is that we can make instant connections with people, not just down the street, but across the state, the country, the ocean. I can chat with my cousins in California or Oklahoma, or trade quips with a friend in Indianapolis… across four time zones. It can be … Continue reading

Flash Fiction / Scriptic


The room was designed to intimidate. The oversized partners desk and chair made any visitor feel Lilliputian. I sank into the antique, leather wingback opposite the solicitor who ruled the domain, my toes barely brushing the floor. The Wallis family retainer for generations, this would be the final last will and testament Raymond Blackburn, Esq., … Continue reading

Flash Fiction / Trifecta

My familiar

I knew one day we’d be together again. Something as intangible as dying couldn’t keep us apart. Remember all those nights we’d stay up late watching old movies? You’d lay your head on my chest, and I would stroke your face, and run my fingers through your jet hair. We wouldn’t have to say a … Continue reading