mary statue

Do unto others

When I was a small child, I would pull one of my father’s white T-shirts over my head just so my face was showing, the sleeves and my hair tucked inside to make it look like I was wearing an ecclesiastical wimple. I would tell my devout, Southern Baptist mother that I was going to … Continue reading Do unto others

heart shaped tree stump

Love in pieces

There is a comfortable silence between us, A feeling no mere mortal could touch. My heart aches with the love I feel for you. Sweet grace whispers stay with me Until the end of time. We will love a little more, Then pass it on and not wait until it's too late. Each line of this … Continue reading Love in pieces

light at the end of a tunnel

Quest for answers

A journey of discovery Love, self, security Quest for an elusive grail A vessel worthy of bearing Each virtue in equal measure Pilgrimage into the unknown Searching for the unattainable Fellow travelers follow the same path Helping, hindering, hoping To find their own enlightenment Bandits and cutpurses Obstacles and hurdles Unmarked forks in the road … Continue reading Quest for answers