The Tunnels

Clark stood in the shadow of a towering concrete and glass building. It was colder in the shade but he was out of the cutting wind. Blowing warm breath into his closed, icy fists, wisps of steam rose from the spaces between his fingers. Coat collar turned up, a grey, checked Burberry scarf was wrapped … Continue reading The Tunnels

Phase two

She snuck a peek out the window at the chairs being set up for the ceremony, and wondered why there were so many. If it were up to her, the only people there would be her, Daniel, Rev. McDowell and a witness. The gardener who was trimming the camellias when they arrived would do nicely, … Continue reading Phase two

long bridge

Out of sight

“You can’t even see the end of it,” Kai pleaded with Talia. “How do you even know something’s out there?” “The only way really is to just go,” Talia hefted her rucksack over one shoulder. She packed food, water, spare clothes, and a blanket. “There is no record of anyone returning after attempting a crossing,” … Continue reading Out of sight

Michigan Jones

Standing in the ankle-deep weeds and brambles, Haley stared at the old store front watching the reflections of passing cars scrolling across the surprisingly intact display windows. Carefully she moved through the over-grown parking lot stepping around broken pieces of asphalt peeking through the grass. After slapping her bare arms a few times, she cursed … Continue reading Michigan Jones