In-house hero

My superhero power has saved the day A-GAIN!

I found something Mister has been looking for for a while and I didn’t even know he’d been searching for it. Just opened a closet door and voila – like magic.

“You been missing this?”

*Holding up lost thing that should not have been in said closet*

“Where’d you find that, I’ve been looking everywhere for it.”

Funny story.

I had an “itch” to reorganize the kitchen closet. No, it wasn’t some kind of KonMari purge. I just wanted to neaten things up and throw out some expired food stuffs, I needed more space. Coincidentally, Mister was taking a day off from work on this magical day.

The item I found was a replacement hose for the kitchen sink sprayer. The handle was sticking and I had doused myself on a few occasions. We’ve had the new hose for sometime, but it got “misplaced.”


1) I find the replacement part
2) Mister is home
3) I get a new sink sprayer installed

I try to use my superpower only for good.

I really do need a cape.

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