No rime or reason

Northern people, those of you accustomed to ice and snow, don’t forget your family and friends in subtropical climes.  On the rare occasion we experience cold weather – freezing temperatures, ice, sleet, hail, a dusting of snow – we are rendered helpless. Rime on the windows is enough to halt all activities. If it weren’t […]

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Ice floe

Ice drop on moss covered limb

The screaming I could handle. We were outside at a public beach after all. Even when he started feeding the seagulls, I could put up with it. I knew the ranger would be around soon enough to stop it. After the second fistful of sand the pre-teen flung at my head, I was done. I […]

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Fire starter

A cloud of blue-grey ash hung around her, a dark aura of melancholy she carried with her everywhere. It was difficult to tell her age, her face hidden under layers of soot and grit. Still, you were gripped by how clear her eyes were, as deep and cloudless as azure summer skies. The villagers would […]

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