Trial run

Clearly, I don’t understand the concept that a Mulligan is a one-time redo, not a two-week hiatus. Bygones…

Dani’s updates are encouraging. During the day, she’s letting me closer without running away. At night I’m still her side chick, and if she feels particularly anxious and Mister isn’t around, she does look for comfort and shelter from me.

Mister and I are researching pup tents – as in a portable tent for our pup. She seems to like having a place to hide if things around her get overwhelming. Mister is worried that having such a structure would encourage her to close herself off from us – a step backward. For the time being, I’ll keep building cushion forts when life gets a little too much for her.

Thanksgiving is coming! We aren’t traveling out of state – all our parents are outside the Florida biosphere. We will be going to our daughter’s for dinner. She has hosted the holiday meal the past few years, a tradition she wanted to take on after buying her own house. I’m good with that. I bring pies and angel biscuits and help with clean up, but with none of the stress. That’s a win/win for me.

In anticipation, Mister and I took our Girls, Asta and Dani, over to our daughter’s like a trial run for Thanksgiving. Dani is getting a little more comfortable in the car (It’s actually a truck. The Girls have the back row seating to themselves.) We also bribe them with plain hamburger patties from Whataburger. Their life is so hard.

At first, Dani was very skittish. She furtively roamed around the backyard, staying in the shadows once it got dark. She did come up to me once to let me pet her, a big step for her, but the neighbor’s dog started yapping and scared her away. The Mister went out to get some barbecue for dinner. That delicious aroma was the bait we needed.

Dani slowly came up to the screen porch where we were sitting, tentatively taking small bits of brisket. Instead of running away, she laid down and stayed with us for the duration of the meal. There were other clandestine sharing of more bbq tidbits, but I’m not above bribery to keep Dani close. A big step forward.

I’ve also discovered Dani doesn’t like it when I go to bed if Mister is awake in another part of the house. She’ll come into the bedroom – tail wagging, prancing, looking over her shoulder if I don’t follow her down the hallway. I joke that this is her “Timmy’s fell down the well, follow me” dance. She’s very excited and seems relieved if I do rejoin her and Mister in the living room. I’ll take that for a big step forward too.

This year, I’m thankful for Dani and all our Misfit Toys. What makes you thankful this year?

6 thoughts on “Trial run

  1. When Maggie was a pup, we had a cage for her, the door always being left open during the day or when we were around so that she could go there as her ‘safe place’. Hubby made a bed to fit, and her food and water were put inside. It was never used as punishment, but good when we had to go out or at night to keep her safe, then as soon as she was older, we dismantled it. Not knowing how Dani was ‘housed’ before, you could cover the sides and top with towels or a blanket. Just an idea.
    It sounds like she is coming along very well.

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    1. When she was first with us, we did the same with a kennel we had. We covered it with a blanket on three sides and left the door open. Took her two weeks to come out on her own. Now, when she gets over anxious, she’ll get up on the bed or couch, and try to burrow under the pillows or cushions. I want to put together a makeshift tent, so she can have that safe place again.


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