For several years, I’ve kept a Bullet Journal. The format has changed a lot. I started with a layout that was rudimentary and stark, soon morphing it into something that would take me a few hours to set up each week’s pages.

I used sticker, and colored pens and highlighters, elaborate graphics, page tabs. I even added actual photos.

It got to be work, and when it became work, I didn’t enjoy it any longer. Weeks would go by without making any entries.

So I took a break.

I looked for something online that would meet my list of Wants. Most of the dedicated journal apps included features I didn’t want or need.

Then I got an iPad and my laptop usage dropped, drastically. Then I got an Apple pencil, and Journaling became doable again. I even found on app that converted handwriting into plain text. I’ve always preferred writing longhand where, for me, thinking on the fly is easier then typing. The app even recognizes my sloppy cursive. Some of the translations are weird, but it’s correct probably 90-95% of the time.

I can add photos, graphics and sketches. I can use different ink colors, and change font sizes or bold lettering. I can move paragraphs around and wrap them around images. I can edit with either longhand or use my keyboard.

It’s nothing fancy but it serves my purposes. I’ve been using this new journaling approach for about four months. It’s fun again.

I even wrote this in longhand, converted to plain text and exported to my laptop to post here.

The app is Nebo.

NaBloPoMo 7/30

3 thoughts on “Longhand

  1. I took a writing course a few years ago where we had the write longhand. The thought was that the pen was an extension of your mind. It was very cool, and I wrote things I wouldn’t have batted out on the laptop.


  2. No journaling here, but back in the day, i would write some portions of my story in longhand (printing, cause my hands are garbage). I found that, often than not, it allowed me to slow down my often high speed thought process to something more manageable . Which meant that I was better able to flesh out scenes/dialogue etc w/o running the real risk of losing my place in a particular scene and going off on a completely unrelated tangent. I often wrote my blog posts like that, especially in the summer/fall when I wanted to take advantage of the good weather and kill that good old cabin fever.


  3. I’m working on song up my first bullet journal. I’m taking it in pieces. Maybe I’ll be ready by the start of 2021!

    I have a handwritten journal, but that is more just for emotions, whereas the bullet journal is intended to get my life in order.

    Plus, I like to look at other people’s idea for things like that, another fun thing to pin!

    And I love my tablet in pay because it will handle using a stylus. I’ve pasted one or two blog posts on it since I bought it, but for the most part I still use my laptop for most things.

    Every comment I’ve made on your blog tonight, however, has been on my tablet, using Swipe to write things out.


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