River Serene

Worries float away Upon peaceful cool waters Cricket lullabies

100 Word Challenge: Madness

Here is a picture of my cat, Issy, being ever so helpful while I was manically interfacing with a digital customer service representative for my medical insurance provider. After an hour I had reached "Critical Mass" and was grateful said customer service rep could neither see, nor hear me. I probably would not have received ...

It’s what’s for dinner

“How’d he get out?” Lucas inspected the latched gate, its ancient lock covered in a thick, green patina. “That’s the mystery,” Cameron said, trying to herd a full-grown turkey back toward its pen. “They can fly, you know,” Perry gladly watched the fracas from afar. “Domestic birds can’t fly,” Cameron frantically gestured to Lucas to ...

Retirement plan

Old jeeps never die They retire to secret glens Transform into trees

Infinite hope

“We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.” Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

100 Word Challenge: Turkey

I got a little overwhelmed with prep work for tomorrow's Thanksgiving dinner and didn’t take a break until it was dark outside. Sorry for the late post. So I can have time to actually enjoy dinner with my family, I try to get as much of the meal together the day before. All that remains ...

Be bold

Living should not have Warning labels, be bold, be Experimental

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