100 Word Challenge

Raising the roof

It wasn’t my dark, bogeyman-filled nighttime closet, nor the monster netherworld beneath my bed, that filled my preadolescent heart with dread. It was the furtive bleurs living under our roof. Every shadow, every flash of movement just outside of my field of vision, could be one of the child-abducting spirits waiting to snatch me from… Continue reading Raising the roof

100 Word Prompt

100 Word Challenge: Cook

Of my two children, it’s my son who has a flair for the culinary arts. He loves to cook and has created some delicious dishes. He is adventurous with his ingredients, which sometimes result in interesting flavors. Recently he was ruminating about one of his favorite childhood treats - 7-Layer/Magic Bars. He mused on how the… Continue reading 100 Word Challenge: Cook

100 Word Challenge, Flynn, serial

A proper introduction

“Life must be good, old sport,” Cyril sidled across the travertine terrace toward Flynn, his nose sniffing the air and his voice dripping with subservience. Flynn stretched languidly, eyes closed, mouth wide, his fangs flashing a brilliant white. The creamy, walnut-hued courtyard tiles remained cool even under the hottest sun. Flynn lounged there most afternoons,… Continue reading A proper introduction

100 Word Prompt

100 Word Challenge: Sport

I'm late... I know. I blame* FIFA World Cup soccer and afternoon semifinal games - England v Croatia - that go into two overtimes. Spoiler: Croatia won its semi, so did France. (I will blame* anything other than my own procrastination/ennui/lack of inspiration.) I haven't been following the tournament to this point. The U.S. Men's… Continue reading 100 Word Challenge: Sport