Day trips


Time for another Dani the Rescue Dog update.

She is still progressing, getting a little less scared as time goes on. Mister is still her favorite, though I am slowly inching up her “Not a Bad Hooman” list. She will stand up and take a treat from my hand. I don’t have to lay it on the ground in front of her as she discreetly turns her head away from me. Eye contact is tough for her.

There have been no more Storm Prognostications, even though there have been a couple more hurricanes barging into the Gulf after Hurricane Sally. The sorority sisters, Delta and Zeta, made landfall significantly farther west of us dropping less rain and wind, and far less thunder.

We do know now that Dani is not a fan of construction noises. Our own roof repair sent her into the safety of her cushion fort for the duration, and our backyard neighbor’s house repairs actually elicited the only bark we’ve heard from Dani since she landed on our Island of Misfit Toys. Being that she is part beagle, we’ve wondered if she would eventually give full voice to her ancestry.

Dani has also made big strides in conquering her separation anxiety. Twice now, Mister and I have taken short day trips out of the house together – an hour or two – leaving her and the rest of the Misfits alone, unsupervised. Happy to report that there were no piddle mishaps, and haven’t been any for a fews weeks now. Maybe we’ll hazard a date night soon to find out how she does in the dark.

The nicest part of those outings was when we came home and Dani was right there with Asta to greet us. All tail wags, happy dances and body wiggles. It was enough to get me a little emotional.

NaBloPoMo 2/30

9 thoughts on “Day trips

  1. That is wonderful. Thanks for the Dani update. So glad she is coming along. Our Dot is so afraid of ladders. Go figure. She must have had a bad experience before we rescued her. But if we bring out a ladder she hides, even though after 4 years she knows we would never hurt her. Give her a cuddle from me.


    1. Dani will probably always be afraid of loud noises… along with several other things. She is making progress and I think she is happier with us.


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