Zombie Tree

Because I adore her and want to grow up to be her, I agreed to join Melisa’s NaBloPoMo game. (“Agreed” is a misnomer. I got called out.)

If you’re unfamiliar with NaBlo… hell, National Blog Posting Month, the gist is that you write every day of November, and post those musings either to your blog (if you are still driving around in those vintage vehicles – my blog(s) is 13) or some other online platform. That’s to keep you honest. Check out Melisa’s post for game rules.

My notebook (see what I did there?) is languishing unused and has been for a while. I can’t blame ‘Rona on the neglect. So, maybe by going all old school, I can get back into some kind of routine. I am home pretty much 24/7 what else is there to do? Clean house?

I have lots I can write about. There really is no excuse.

This inaugural post will be devoted to my woodpecker haven, or if you were to ask my neighbors, that ugly, dead tree trunk in my front yard that sheds limbs like a zombie horde .

The poor thing has been slowing dying for, let’s be honest, years. At first it was just a small,  random limb or two lost during storms (I do live in a hurricane prone area). Then, larger limbs, limbs you could hear thud when the it dug up the ground, rattling windows, and splintering and showering debris across property lines.

All the while this tree has been zombifying, birds have been taking advantage of the nesting material… small twigs, dry leaves, bark. Once it was striped clean of that, and thick, thigh-sized limbs (pun intended) sloughed off, the woodpeckers moved in. 

I love woodpeckers. What’s not to love. Seriously, birds that slam their heads into hard, wooden objects for food and fun? 

As more access to the interior of the tree came available, the worm hunting got exponentially easier for them with a ready made farm. The woodpeckers stopped hammering at the siding of my house, particularly the chimney box with the metal cap, and began chipping away at the zombie tree. 

They have riddle it with precise holes across the whole bole, in an almost artistic way. They’ve even started nesting in it. 

I do not want to cut it down. I think it’s beautiful. A natural masterpiece. 

And it appears, the woodpeckers are grateful.

NaBloPoMo 1/30

11 thoughts on “Zombie Tree

  1. I do plan on pulling out Nanowrimo, and I just saw this, but we’ll see. I also just signed up to be a Pampered Chef consultant, so I’m learning that and preparing to launch….

    Good luck tho!

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  2. As a relative newbie, I had no idea this existed. It’s certainly as a lot more doable than writing a novel in a month. Still, I can’t stand writing on demand. Did that for too many years as a newspaper writer. But I see the value in writing every day because it keeps your writing muscle sharp. Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

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    1. I’ve done the novel in a month thing a couple of times too… very stressful. Nice thing about the daily post challenge is that there is no artificial word count to meet. Sometimes I’ve just posted a photo or short poem. Something every day is definitely doable.

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    1. My sorry attempt at humor. My kids always tell me I’m not as funny as I think I am. No malice intended. I’d hate for anyone to think you’re a bad guy.


  3. Yeah, i can understand the lack of motivation (or burnout, or whatever other descriptive adjective you want to use) when it comes to blogging. It’s interesting that your friend wants to do this kind of challenge in November. A larger one is done in April, called the A-Z blog challenge, in which you write one post for every day of April (sans weekends) on whatever theme you choose to work on, with the only stipulation being that each post has to feature a letter of the alphabet,

    Good luck on your participation, I’m looking forward to seeing what other kinds of posts pop up from your fertile imagination.

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    1. The NaBloPoMo is something we’ve done for years, well, back in the blogging hay days. It’s fun to “get together” with old friends. I think I’ve done the A-Z challenge too, but it was years ago.


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